Divorce is a complex issue. With more than a decade of focus on divorce cases including: difficult custody issues such as removal from the state; multi-million dollar marital asset division; and high-conflict domestic dispute and child neglect; you can rest assured your case is in experienced hands.


Chances are, you only know what a modification is if you have already been through a divorce.  Since your major life change, life has continued to grow and shift.  With it, your divorce needs to shift too.  Whether it is a change in the custody arrangement, child support, alimony, or other clause in your divorce decree, I will ensure your modification is reliable piece of the puzzle while you continue to juggle the many other priorities in your current life.

Custody | Paternity

Many do not realize custody battles are not always the product of a divorce. They are often the circumstance of a child born out of wedlock. Whether the matter involves a highly volatile parent, or two adults willing to compromise, the legal web-work of a custody arrangement is best left to those who have navigated the system many times before.


Controlling your legal fees

Divorce is expensive.  There is no getting around it.  With the right advocate on your side, you can get through it.  With the processes and protocols I have developed over a decade of experience, I will walk you through the process in a way that will minimize your legal costs without increasing your risk.

Take the next step

Whether you're facing a divorce or family law issue for the first time, or this is been a long road thus far, your next steps are crucial.  Schedule an initial consultation today.  Begin moving onward and upward to the next rewarding chapter in your life.